Thursday, March 11, 2010

Opening Day!

An exciting day today, it's opening day for the EB colour-themed swap! My parcel only arrived yesterday - lucky because I don't think I could have looked at it without opening for much longer. I asked for anything girly, and WOW, I got so spoilt! I love love love my package! Even the wrapping is just so pretty. We left our camera at a friend's place last night but here are some pics taken on my phone just now:

how pretty is this box? 

and look at the card! The owl is from some of the fabric that was inside, it's just divine :)

 and the contents. You can't get much girlier than this. Inside there is:
- 4 X  1/2 yards of fabric - two lots of flowers, some hearts and the owls
- buttons and containers to keep them in
- thread and ribbon of a couple of different colours
- cord
- a pink tape measure
- some gorgeous other applique bits and pieces

I have the fabulouEmma to thank for it all!

I have to pack to head up to The Sticks today - but now I just want to play with my new bits and pieces and work out what to do with them. So many options!


  1. Emma put together a fantastic pack for you. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun using it all!

  2. They all look great, have fun with them. :D