Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time to tidy up....

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks! Happy Easter everyone!

Two weddings, a couple of birthdays, Easter... the list goes on, we've hardly been at home and I'm exhausted. One more wedding this weekend then we get a break for a bit so in anticipation of lots of time at home to sew I decided that today was the day to have a bit of a spring clean and work out what I've got / what I need and what I can make...... hmmm.

So this is what the house looked like first thing this morning:

Inside my sewing/craft cupbouard (I need a much, much bigger one)

 Desk in the study (reason I need a much, much bigger cupboard). Recent addition is the huge pile of stunning minky destined to become nappies, and the funky zebra-print tissue paper it came wrapped in.

The kitchen table - we've haven't eaten here in a while:

Almost finished nappy on the other end of the table - need to get that done today as well:

The couch - recent fabric order, mainly suedecloth and cotton velour:

The other couch - almost-finished soaker,  just need to get my smaller needles back from niece who nabbed them on the weekend to knit a phone cover (I'm so proud of her!)

Problem is, where to start? I think I'll tackle the nappy and get that done (should only take 15 minutes) and go from there. Taking a deep breath and turning the coffee machine on......