Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First post...

Where to start? Since a picture is worth a thousand words surely a video is worth many, many more? Adele is 7 weeks old now, and while really I've created this blog with the purpose to share my crafty creations, this video is to cute not to share - her first smiles last week.

I thought I'd also show off one of my knitting creations from a couple of years ago. I've decided this for a couple of reasons - firstly, because the memory card on the camera is full so I can't take pictures of anything recent or in-progress (if you'd like over 700 photos of a new baby on the other hand...). Secondly, because it relates to some very exciting events of this week!

I adapted these bunnies from a pattern in Family Circle Easy Toys as a gift for a very special friend's wedding. They're a third of the size of the original pattern and the clothing is completly my own creation, designed to replicate as best I could their outifts on the day. (Thank goodness I was maid of honour and had a preview of the dress!) The bunnies also have magnets in their hands, so they sit and hold hands while watching the world go by.

Far from the greatest picture, but I finished them hiding away the night before the wedding and had to take the photos virtually in the dark. Thankfully, my friends looked happier on their wedding day than these little guys!

The newly married bunnies have since been hibernating away in storage because not long after the wedding the newly married human couple decided to up and leave for overseas. First exciting event of the week - they're back! I haven't seen them for nearly two years and of course Adele hadn't met them at all, being brand new to this world. Yesterday was a very exciting day indeed!

The second exciting event is the world's worst-kept secret and is happening right now! On Saturday we're heading to my home town (affectionately known as The Sticks) for my cousin's 'engagement party'. But it's not. They're getting married tonight at a small family gathering and having the post-wedding party on Saturday, which will be Adele's first wedding. Yay! But of course we're not supposed to know any of this, we're just turning up to the engagement party. Shhhhh. No bunnies this time, my cousin is a total farm-boy and wouldn't appreciate them and I'm not sure what outfits I'd knit anyway - not sure I'm capable of replicating a flannelette shirt!


  1. Adele is so cute! Welcom to the world of blogging!

  2. Welcome Shelly! May you love blogland as much as I do. And it was so fab to see you both in the sticks xox